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As My Yammer Project Begins, I’m Counting My Blessings



With an endeavor as challenging as this Yammer work group project it’s important to count my blessings.

Blessing #1: Starting with a clean slate. Every single member of this work group is new to Yammer. A few of us have logged in and used it casually in the past, but none of us had any real experience using it in a project-oriented setting. While this inexperience presents certain challenges, it also presents some real advantages. We have little or nothing to unlearn. All impressions are first impressions. No habits are old habits. This is as close to a control group as I’m ever likely to get. This is a real boon for my research project.

Blessing #2: Diversity.  Kudos to our leadership sponsor for managing to corral such a diverse group of employees. This is truly a cross-functional group; I don’t think there are any areas of our organization that are unrepresented. In addition, we have managed to attract participation from a broad demographic group (or as broad as we can achieve, based on the level of diversity in our organization as a whole). We have a wide range of ages represented and even a decent range of ethnic backgrounds.

Blessing #3: Everbody’s GGG. Every single member of our group is open to trying something new. Some may be more comfortable with our experiment than others, but everybody displays a positive attitude and willingness to learn. That’s good, giving and game…in a business sense.

Blessing #4: Cheapitude. I’m so thankful that I managed to pick a project that requires few additional resources. The software is effectively free, as it had already been licensed by the enterprise and our use of it incurs no added costs. In addition, thus far, most of the group communication we’ve engaged in via Yammer simply replaces communication that would have occurred via email or meetings. It is my hope that, over time, our Yammer communication will become more efficient than other methods of group communication. If that happens, that would be a big win.


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